About the Author

For many years, Claire Czotter kept her feet soft and clean walking along a manicured path that a reliable map had advised her to follow. While the map had come highly recommended and did lead to a Bachelor’s degree in psychology with the promise of a Master’s not far off, eventually she began to feel uncomfortably sterile.

It was in this way that she finally gave in to the beckoning of the shadowy forest that lined the edges of the path. That is to say, she decided to pursue a career in writing.

But as a subtitle to ‘Author’, the name of which she is in constant pursuit is that of ‘Escape Artist’. As such, her aim is fairly simple: to flee the narrow borders of the neat and tidy paths that keep the soles of her feet uncallused, exploring undiscovered caves, crawl spaces, ruins, and alleyways, and taking as many people with her as possible.

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