Tales of the wild beasts and spirits that venture beyond Nowhere’s border after daylight fades are legendary. It is said that those fool enough to brave a life at its threshold are often cursed with a host of unspeakable nightmares. Though the rumored afflictions in each story are different, on one point they all agree: Nowhere is a place of despair, to which only the desperate flee.

Despite the stories, Ayda and her grandfather had felt it best to take their chances, rather than risk staying in the capital, where a holy war had taken root. However, when the war finally finds them at the edge of the world, there is nowhere left to run. Armed with a mysterious needle and golden thread, Ayda escapes into the vast expanse of Nowhere, facing horrors she had long since dismissed as fables in search of magic that can save the people she loves before it’s too late. This novelette was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2nd quarter of L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future competition in 2018.